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All of our Bindi Baby Books are now available in hardcover only. Our Bindi Baby Numbers book has also been revised to include number words for larger number words - allowing kids to count up to 1 Crore!

We hope you enjoy the updates!

Learn to count in your language with Bindi Baby by Gnaana!

From 0 to the Number 10, kids will delight in counting these everyday outdoor-inspired objects - and learn about forming and using plurals. Numbers 11-20 are also included at the end of the book. Appropriate for babies, toddlers and beginning readers of Indic scripts. High-style graphics blend modern silhouettes with Indian design elements.

• English transliteration of Indic text included to help with pronunciation

• Includes chart of numbers 0-20

• Includes a lesson on Aryabhata – one of the greatest mathematicians and astronomers in the history of India – and his discovery of the “number 0"

The bold colors and rich patterns are designed to attract and delight – encouraging fun and easy learning.

A must-have for the multi-lingual library!

Ready to ship.

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bengali numbers book $17.99 USD
gujarati numbers book $17.99 USD
hindi numbers book $17.99 USD
kannada numbers book $17.99 USD
punjabi numbers book $17.99 USD
tamil numbers book $17.99 USD
telugu numbers book $17.99 USD
bengali numbers + animals book $32.00 USD
gujarati numbers + animals book $32.00 USD
hindi numbers + animals book $32.00 USD
kannada numbers + animals book $32.00 USD
punjabi numbers + animals book $32.00 USD
tamil numbers + animals book $32.00 USD
telugu numbers + animals book $32.00 USD