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Embroidery in Hindi? Oh, can it be?

Whether cooking or painting, your Chota Chef (or chota artiste) will feel positively special in this child-sized apron. Available for personalization in English or in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi (Devanagri), Kannada, Tamil, or Telugu, our color aprons are made in the USA with premium twill fabric – with a soil release and wrinkle resistant finish. Choose from 1 of 5 colors, each featuring an embroidered design, or plain denim.

Larger sizes now availabe in Titali & Phool!

At 24" long, they are perfect for older children or Mom or Grandma!

Machine wash. See Specs for dimensions.

Available Colors / Designs:

• Hathi: Light Brown, embroidered with a blue & silver Bidri elephant

• Kamal: Pink, embroidered with a pink and white lotus on green lilly pad

• Patang: Red, embroidered with a green and white kite with blue accents

• Rail: Royal Blue, embroidered with an orange train with silver and green accents

• Titali: Purple, embroidered with a silver and lavender paisley butterfly

• Denim: no design


• Baagh: Royal blue, embroidered with a tangerine and silver Bidri tiger

• Phool: Red, embroidered with a turquoise, fold and green flower

Ready to ship. ***PLEASE NOTE ADDITIONAL PROCESSING TIME OF 5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PERSONALIZED ITEMS. Personalized and non-personalized items will be shipped together. Should you wish to seperate shipment of your non-personalized items, please contact us.

COLOR OPTIONS:   Roll over swatch for color name. Click to view larger


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hathi (elephant) $17.00 USD
kamal (lotus) $17.00 USD
patang (kite) $17.00 USD
rail (train) $17.00 USD
titali (butterfly) $17.00 USD
denim $15.00 USD
baagh (tiger) $17.00 USD
phool(flower) $17.00 USD
phool (flower) $19.00 USD
titali (butterfly) $19.00 USD